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Dog Boarding and Grooming FAQs

April 30, 2019

If a situation arises that means that you will be temporarily unable to care for your canine companion, you will want to be certain that you leave her in experienced and capable hands.

For this reason, the majority of owners opt for professional boarding services in Gainesville, FL which have dedicated space and activities to keep your dog healthy, active, and mentally stimulated during her stay.

At Prestige Pet Resort & Spa, we are pleased to not only be able to offer superior boarding facilities but also a range of grooming services in Gainesville, FL that can be carried out while your dog is boarding with us. Here are some of the most common questions we are asked ahead of owners scheduling their dogs for a stay at our boarding facility.

Where Will My Dog Be Spending Most of Her Time?

Animals staying in boarding should always be given their own individual accommodation where they can eat, drink, sleep, stretch and empty their bladder and bowels. This should be big enough for your dog to move around and visibly restricted so that she cannot see other dogs and they cannot see her. There should also be plenty of natural light and ventilation. In addition to this, there may be communal areas that can be used for two or three dogs to play together. Your chosen facility will be able to tell you what their policy is on animal interaction.

What Will My Dog Eat while Boarding?

Their pet going hungry is one of the biggest fears of many owners when they place their pet into boarding. Since it is not a good idea to change your dog's food temporarily as it may cause her to experience digestive issues, you should ask if your chosen kennel can provide the brand of food you already use. If not, you should be allowed to provide your own for them to serve. This familiarity will help your dog feel more confident about eating while you are apart.

What Will My Dog Do while Boarding?

Understandably, many owners wonder what their pets will be up to when they are boarding with us. You want to be certain that your pet will get plenty of love, attention, and interaction just like she does at home. Most boarding facilities have a daily routine that involves a range of activities from walks/hikes to playtime, and of course some downtime in between. If you have also booked your dog in for grooming, this will also be scheduled into her stay. Rest assured that our great service will keep her brain and body active and having plenty of fun to distract her from your temporary separation.

What Grooming Services Can You Offer My Dog?

Many boarding services can offer different types of grooming, and what is available can vary widely between facilities. Here at Prestige Pet Resort & Spa, we are delighted to offer an extensive array of grooming services, enabling you to really pamper your pooch while you are apart. This includes:

  • Nail trim pedicure
  • Ear cleaning
  • Anal gland expression
  • Toothbrushing
  • Sanitary trim
  • Brushing and de-matting
  • A specialized de-skunk bath
  • De-shedding
  • Puppy facial
  • Moisturizing, exfoliating, and aromatherapy baths
  • Hydrotherapy body massage

We offer a package-building service enabling you to select which grooming treatments you would like your dog to undergo during her visit.

My Dog Needs Medication, Is This Something You Can Provide?

Any good boarding service realizes that animals can need medication too and should have trained, experienced staff, to administer whatever drugs your dog needs to keep her healthy. Just make sure you bring enough for the duration of her stay along with detailed instructions as to the dose she needs, when it should be administered, and anything else we need to know!

Can My Dog Bring Items from Home?

All boarding facilities have different rules about what items they will allow pets to bring from home. Therefore, you will need to enquire whether my dog can have her favorite blanket, toy, or even her own bedding. Most boarding services allow at least one item from home as this helps pets feel more comfortable when settling in.

Do I Need to Do Anything Special before I Can Book?

Most boarding facilities have entry requirements that are put in place to help ensure animals are as safe and healthy as possible during their stay. You will almost certainly be asked to provide proof that my dog is up to date with her core vaccinations, and you may also be asked to get her vaccinated against kennel cough. You might be asked to provide proof that she is free from internal and external parasites or your chosen facility may check her over for these ahead of her visit. Animals who don't meet the entrance criteria will not be allowed to board so getting these in place ahead of booking her in will help save time.

If you have additional questions about dog boarding and grooming services, or if you would like to speak to us to see if we have the availability you need, please call Prestige Pet Resort & Spa in Gainesville, FL today at (352) 505-5304.